What If Paulo Dybala Comes to Spain?

Paulo Dybala is not having a great time with Juventus. 3 games, 1 start. Its a shame to bench a player with the class and abilities of the Argentinian; but what if Dybala comes to Spain?

A couple of days ago, Maurizio Zamparini, president of Palermo said:

“I’m convinced he (Dybala) will leave the club in January. Every time he is left out, it makes me want to cry. I advised him to go to Spain not Italy”

Dybala is certainly a player that can win a game by himself. He can play as the primary or off the main striker and even on the wings. His ability to create and make goals is outstanding, and he is a player any European team would want in their squad. Unfortunately for Allegri, those skills are not enough to be a starter.

Pirlo, the legend of the Turin club stated a few days ago:

“If he started training with the same desire as Cristiano Ronaldo, it will be difficult to leave him out. He must do everything to play as much football as possible.”

In Spain, life would be even more difficult for him. If he moves to El Santiago Bernabeu he can help out the team with more goals (26 goals in 48 appearances), but his similarity with players like Isco and Asensio will make it hard to be a starter. He is in a similar situation if he goes to Can Barca. He may be able to assist an aging Luis Suarez, but his big problem has a familiar name: Lionel Messi.

Lio and Paulo are followed by the story that they cannot play together. Dybala stated a few years ago that its hard for him to play with Messi in Argentina because they play in the same position. These comments were not taken well by the Argentinian federation and they have barely played together since.

Unfortunately, it seems like time is needed to know the outcome of Dybala’s future.

Luis Gutierrez

Luis Gutierrez

Luis Gutierrez

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