Why Christian Eriksen Will Stay With Tottenham – For Now

Will Christian Eriksen stay with his Premier League club Tottenham, or will money tempt him to leave?

The rumor mill is wide open, especially now that Paris Saint-Germain is looking to open their wallets again. With bottomless funding that is at PSG’s disposal, the Ligue 1 outfit has supposedly expressed interest in the Danish International. In fact, when any organization speaks of dangling £100m in your face, the temptation to leave becomes a touch easier.

Eriksen has been playing at club level with Tottenham since 2013 and is, of course, coming off his World Cup appearance this past June with Denmark. He was born in Middelfart, Denmark, and I just wanted to point that out because as journalists we don’t get to use that word often.

Christian Eriksen’s contract will be expiring in 2020, and he is seeking a multi-year deal for big money. It’s amazing to think he is only 26-years-old but has played so much football in his career. He was enrolled at Middelfart Academy at the age of 3, following the footsteps of his daddy!

Widely known for his creativity and durability, Eriksen is an attacking striker who will shoot from anywhere on the pitch. At times it comes off as a little selfish because shooting first is not always the best option. Managers surely love a player who feels confident to shoot at will, but this is a team sport.

Despite the marginal success of Denmark at the 2018 World Cup, Eriksen scored one goal in Russia. He was a large part of Denmark’s European World Cup qualifying results, scoring 11 goals, but he disappeared in group stage.

His missed penalty chance against Croatia in the Round of 16 shootout was extremely costly to Denmark’s hopes of moving on to the quarterfinals.

As follow-up reports are becoming available, interest in Erikson is not only coming from France. As we all know, Ronaldo left Real Madrid to join Juventus in the summer transfer window. Should PSG squash the rumors of their interest in Eriksen, Real Madrid could also become a suitor. Keep in mind, the European transfer window will close at the end of August, although the EPL has conditions.

The Premier League has its own set of transfer arrangements that limit movement of players past August 9. A player can be transferred or sold now, but they cannot bring in another player in return.

Even though Paris Saint-Germain is trying to put an end to their side of the rumor, Christian Eriksen will still have plenty of options presented to him soon enough.

The question to be asked here is if Christian Eriksen is worth the offers he could be receiving? According to Silly Season, he is already making €75,000 a week with Tottenham, which is pretty damn good already.

I don’t know what you’d do with that kind of money, but struggling isn’t a word that comes to mind. And don’t feel bad for Harry Kane and his €100,000/wk salary, because he won’t complain a bit.

So is the allure of being in the Premier League losing its fancy or does Christian Eriksen think that there is a bigger payday to be had? We have seen Neymar bolt for the money in France, as he left mighty Barcelona for a nice paycheck last year. Paris Saint-Germain has a lengthy list of players who have stopped by to collect a small fortune.

The likelihood of Christian Eriksen signing with PSG has already gotten mixed reviews. PSG has tried to claim that they want no part of Christian Eriksen’s asking price, but we all know claims are just that. No one ever knows when, or if, a deal will go through because we don’t sign anyone’s paycheck (and thank goodness for that, because we aren’t talking about chump change here).

Christian Eriksen will be in demand soon enough, but the odds of him leaving right away are slim. Taking on his current contract and renegotiating a new one is a process in and of itself.

Let’s all just enjoy watching him in the Premier League for now, as he tries to help Tottenham to their first league title since 1961.

A Champions League appearance will be coming for Tottenham when group stage starts on September 18. The draw for Champions League group stage will be held on August 30 in Monaco. We will then know who Tottenham will have to face in one of the most recognized competitions in the world.

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