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Giornata 7 Power Rankings

Intense would be the word to use for this Giornata. There are two big Italian derbies this weekend and two important league matches this week, therefore it’s time to look at some Power Ranking for Giornata 7!

Power Rankings

1. Juventus↔️ W: 2-0 Vs. Bologna W: 3-1 Vs. Napoli Next: @Udinese
2. Napoli↔️ W: 3-0 Vs. Parma L: 3-1 @Juventus Next: Vs. Sassuolo
3. Inter⬆️ W: 2-1 Vs. Fiorentina W: 2-0 Vs. Cagliari Next: @SPAL
4. Fiorentina⬇️ L: 2-1 @Inter W: 2-0 Vs. Atalanta Next: @Lazio
5. Roma⬆️ W: 4-0 Vs. Frosinone W: 3-1 Vs. Lazio Next: @Empoli
6. Parma⬆️ L: 3-0 @Napoli W: 1-0 Vs. Parma Next: @Genoa
7. Milan⬆️ D: 1-1 @Empoli W: 4-1 @Sassuolo Next: Vs. Cheivo
8. Sassuolo⬇️ W: 2-0 @SPAL L: 4-1 Vs. Milan Next: @Napoli
9. Lazio⬇️ W: 2-1 @Udinese L: 3-1 @Roma Next: Vs. Fiorentina
10. Sampdoria⬇️ D: 0-0 @Cagliari W: 2-1 Vs. SPAL Next: @Atalanta
11. Torino↔️ D: 0-0 @Atalanta W: 1-0 @Cheivo Next: Vs. Frosinone
12. Genoa⬆️ W: 2-0 Vs. Cheivo W: 2-1 @Frosinone Next: Vs. Parma
13. SPAL⬇️ L: 2-0 Vs. Sassuolo L: 2-1 @Sampdoria Next: Vs. Inter
14. Bologna⬆️ L: 2-0 @Juventus W: 2-1 Vs. Udinese Next: @Cagliari
15. Atalanta ⬇️ D: 0-0 Vs. Torino L: 2-1 @Fiorentina Next: Vs. Sampdoria
16. Udinese⬇️ L: 2-1 Vs. Lazio L: 2-1 @Bologna Next: Vs. Juventus
17. Empoli↔️ D: 1-1 Vs. Milan L: 1-0 @Parma Next: Vs. Roma
18. Cagliari↔️ D: 0-0 Vs. Sampdoria L: 2-0 Vs. Inter Next: Vs. Bologna
19. Frosinone⬆️ L: 4-0 @Roma L: 2-1 Vs. Genoa Next: @Torino
20. Cheivo⬇️ L: 2-0 @Genoa L: 1-0 Vs. Torino Next: @Milan


 Juve is the most dominant team not just in Italy but in Europe, and they have not lost a game in both competitions so far. It’s already so difficult stopping this squad, it doesn’t help when they have the best player in the world. Juve dominated both matches this week, but the North/ South Derby was expected to be a tough match for them. Yet Juve got the best of Napoli, as they dominated for most of the match. It’ll be interesting to see when Juve will suffer their first loss of the season.

Inter have finally been looking like a Scudetto contender since their loss to Parma with four consecutive wins, including one in the Champions league. They seem to have finally figured out the winning formula, as well as finding a way to win in the last minute of matches. Fiorentina was their statement win having been the young surprise of the season.  Against Cagliari they rested both Icardi and Perisic, yet were still able to find scoring from Latauro Martinez and Matteo Palitano. They should be a strong side going forward.

Roma had the biggest turn around in Serie A this week. First, they beat Frosinone easily and then won an important derby match against their rivals Lazio. They seem to have woken up and now play together as an entire team. They finally have some shots going in and they were even able to get two back-heeled goals from Pastore and Pellegrini this week. I expect this team to keep rolling.

Last we have Milan. They started the week with a bad draw against Empoli but ended strong, banging in four goals against a tough Sassuolo side. Even Sassuolo’s striker Kevin Boateng gave them high praise for their performance. Gattuso’s seat won’t cool down just yet, as there are still Conte and Zidane rumors lingering.

Hence, another great Giornata is in the books and this week brings us another round of Champions League football! Serie A continues this weekend and we’re starting to see who the contenders will be going forward in the Campionato.

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