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Chelsea Banned From Signing Players For Next Two Transfer Windows

This has been coming for some time now. Chelsea has been hit by a transfer ban from FIFA with regards to registration of young players.

FIFA has not only fined Chelsea but also the FA after finding out that there was a breach of article 19 in as many as 29 cases!

Apart from article 19, there were many other regulations that Chelsea didn’t pay heed to when it came to registering players under 18.

This now means that the club would not be able to buy any new players for the next 2 transfer window. They can still sell, though that does not seem likely to happen now.

However, the London club has the option of appealing and have 3 days to do so. It should come as no surprise, but of course, the club is going to appeal.

This would be mean that there could be a delay in the punishment, giving Chelsea this summer transfer window to do all the business. Or, maybe even get their ban reduced to just 1 transfer window, just like Real Madrid.

What does this mean for the club?

The club can, however, still sign players but cannot play them until the ban is lifted. As they are not allowed to register new players, they can technically make it a loan deal with a 3rd party. It’s complicated, but still possible.

It looks like Chelsea knew about this transfer ban incoming hence the deal with Pulisic happened at the beginning of the winter transfer window. But many see this as a blessing in disguise. Maybe now the club will be forced to play their youth. Only time will tell.

Before ending, just think about this, isn’t it ironic that Chelsea has more than 40 players out on loan with no intention of playing them, merely using them as a business model, and yet get banned for it? Or maybe not that ironic.

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