Mourinho Accepts That United is not in the Title Race

Jose Mourinho has accepted that Manchester United are not in the title race for the Premier League.

The Portuguese boss feels that United has to battle their way back into the top four. Only then can they even think about joining the title race.

This should come as no surprise given their poor start to the season. Mourinho’s men are already 9 points behind after 10 matches.

“When you are outside the top four I don’t think you should speak about a title race,” Mourinho said. “When you are top four, and I believe we are going to be, you can look up and see the distance, look at the fixtures and the calendar and the situation.

“But in this moment we are outside the top four, so the point now is to get the points we need and get to the end of December in a better position than we are in now.”

In their last 3 games, the Reds have collected 7 points but work remains to be done, accepts the boss.

“I think we’ll be in a better position, I always say that at the end of the season you’ve played 19 matches at home and 19 away, so it doesn’t matter when,” Mourinho added.

“But the reality is the way the fixtures come it has an influence in the moment. We had a double fixture away: Burnley, Watford. Now we have a double fixture away: Bournemouth and Manchester City.

“We will have Juventus away before Manchester City. We will have Valencia away before Liverpool. In this part of the season we will play away against possibly the three biggest candidates for the title: Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City, so the calendar was not nice to us.

“But I think by the end of December, which is the end of the first half of the Premier League, I think we are not going to be in the position we are now. We are going to be in a better position.”

Mourinho’s future at United looked slim following their 3-1 defeat to West Ham United. However, the boss says that they have come a long way since then.

“The mood is fine. Our last couple of weeks was positive – let’s say the second half against Newcastle and the match against Chelsea,” he said.

“Against Juventus was really hard and the team fought hard, so a part of the result was not a negative performance. Another positive in some moments, a very positive game against Everton.

“So, the mood is very positive. We are fine.”



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