Is This The Year Tottenham Hotspur Take The Next Step?

Tottenham Hotspur has become one of the leading teams within the Premier League over the last few years, they’ve invested in young talent and not broken the bank compared to the other top end teams in the league. Tottenham has an incredible reputation for developing players, alongside being financially efficient with their transfer. 8 teams have been in the Premier League for the last 10 years, within these 10 years the Spurs have had a net expenditure of 81.53 million euros which ranks them last which in this case is the best place to be in total expenditure.

Since 2010 Tottenham has finished within the top 4 teams 5 times, the club has been seeing progressions of their players with stars that emerged such as Harry Kane and Dele Alli. The development of these players has come since the emergence of what could be referred to as one of their greatest signings, which in this case is Mauricio Pochettino their manager. He has taken this team from a good team to a serious title contender. Since his take over he has produced some great results and made serious developments, this has been rewarded by a new 5-year contract, a smart investment for the club giving the manager the time he needs to bring serious success to the team.

Tottenham’s current team has many world class players capable of producing special things, a recent spark plug they added in the middle of last season who has seen more action at the beginning of this season, that player is Lucas Moura. The ex PSG winger has added another dimension to the Tottenham attack, he brings an added pace and flair which we have come to expect from Brazilian players. Spurs have a skill of signing players for a discounted price and filling gaps of players they sell, such as another PSG player they brought in being Serge Aurier when they transferred Kyle Walker to Manchester city. The ability to replace their players is extraordinary but also extremely necessary, which a great job done by the manager and staff of Tottenham.

This year’s campaign has started relatively strong in the Premier League they have won 6 games and lost 2 out of the 8 they have played, a relatively convincing start, however, injuries are currently plaguing their team. Currently, Dele Alli, Christian Eriksen, Serge Aurier, Jan Vertonghen, and Mousa Dembélé are on Spurs injury list, this has specifically taken a serious hit on the midfield. Their essential playmakers are not on the pitch and this has created a lack of production in the center of the field. With a lot of the players expecting to return within October hopes for the Spurs are still high.

With the talent the Tottenham Hotspurs have on their team, some newly added parts, and a creative manager this club could very well take the leap this year and win the Premier League trophy. The Future is looking bright for the Spurs.

From the world of sports, this is Sam Thornton signing off.

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