Should Chelsea Fans be Angry at Courtois?

Thibaut Courtois admits he feels “sad” about how some Chelsea fans have turned against him following his transfer to Real Madrid.

The 26-year-old was at Chelsea for seven seasons – through the first three were spent on loan at Atletico Madrid – before leaving for Real in a £35m deal over the summer.

When asked about some Chelsea fans feeling angry about the manner of his exit, Courtois said:

“It makes me feel sad and obviously they don’t know all the truth.” – Courtois on Chelsea fans anger towards him

“I think in March the decision was already made and I thought the club would accept it. Then because the transfer was closed I did not show up because I thought it better not to disturb the team and the squad. If I did go there maybe, I didn’t want to be toxic, so obviously it is a pity because I love Chelsea.”

Courtois recently claimed, “the level [at Real Madrid] is higher than at Chelsea”, but he says he never meant to disrespect his former club.

But all these comments he made and the way he left Chelsea left many Chelsea fans feeling angry. But do they have the right to be angry at Courtois?

Firstly, Courtois has revealed that one factor that made him want to leave Chelsea for Madrid was to be closer to his family, so can Chelsea fans really be angry at him for that? I mean family always comes before anything right? Also, can Chelsea fans really be angry at a player who served four whole seasons at the club and was one of the best Premier league goalkeepers in recent years alongside the likes of De Gea etc? This is shown as he has kept 48 clean sheets in his Chelsea career and has won two premier league titles with the club and has won the Golden Glove for Chelsea in 2016/17 season. So, can Chelsea fans really be angry at a player who has done so well for them in goal over the past few seasons?

On the other hand, some Chelsea fans may argue that they have a right to be angry at Courtois as they point to the fact that he showed a lack of professionalism in some Chelsea fans view by going AWOL and forcing his way out of the club. Also, they point to the fact that since Courtois has been at Chelsea, he has spoken in a way to the media which has reflected the club in a negative light. E.g. by hinting at returning to Madrid since the day he arrived at Chelsea which had some Chelsea fans concerned from the start. Also, last season he criticised Conte’s tactics in the media. Is that professional? He also pushed a much-loved Chelsea player (Petr Cech) and his goalkeeper coach out of the club. These are the factors that have led to Chelsea fans being angry at Courtois in general and for leaving the club in a bitter way.

Overall, any fan has a right to be angry at any player because it’s their opinion, but there is one thing that is certain, Courtois has been a great player for Chelsea and this has been reflected in statistics by his clean sheet records and by the amount of Premier League trophies that he has won with the club. So, should Chelsea fans show him more respect for how good he has been?

By Danyal Khan

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