All 20 Premier League Clubs Unite vs Champions League’s Revamp Plans

The Premier League clubs have come together and have released a statement stating their dissatisfaction and anger against the new plans proposed by the Champions League.

In case you are not aware, the Champions League are deciding to revamp their model and structure starting from the 2024-2025 season. The current format will no longer be followed and this has clearly not gone down well with the Premier League.

UEFA has proposed to change their format from 6 to 14 group games and also have plans to hold matches in the weekend. There are also talks of making this competition a closed one which would involve promotion/relegation of the clubs involved.

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The Premier League released a statement on Friday laying out clubs’ concerns about the ECA’s planned revamp for the competition.

“All 20 Premier League clubs today discussed their significant concerns regarding reported proposals for changing the format and qualification criteria of UEFA club competitions from season 2024-25,” said the statement.

“All clubs unanimously agreed it is inappropriate for European football bodies to create plans that would alter the structures, calendar, and competitiveness of the domestic game and will work together to protect the Premier League.

“In England, football plays an important role in our culture and everyday life. Millions of fans attend matches across the country, with allegiances and local rivalries often passed down through generations.

“We have a fantastic combination of competitive football and committed fans that we will vigorously defend. The structures of domestic football are determined by leagues and their respective national associations.

“We will now work with the Football Association and other leagues to ensure that European football bodies understand the importance of this, and their obligation to maintain the health and sustainability of domestic league football.”

Even the Bundesliga has threatened to take legal actions if their weekend fixtures are disturbed because of this new model.
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