The European Super League

The European Super League: How Would this League Impact League’s like Premier League and La Liga?

In recent days, there have been many leaks suggesting that FIFA president and the former head of UEFA Gianni Infantino has helped  PSG and Manchester City’s dodge FFP. Since then, FIFA has come out and has hit back stating that these leaks are an attempt to undermine the current FIFA president. For more information on this topic, check out Luis Gutierrez’s article on where he goes into depth in regards to these leaks and what they mean etc.

There have also been football leaks in recent days to suggest that the FIFA president and others are arranging to create the European Super League, Where the 16 best clubs in Europe would have to leave their respected league’s to compete in this new league to become the best. Now many people argue that the creation of this league would be damaging for football. And there are many reasons why this is true. But many people see the main reason why higher up’s in football and top football clubs want to create this league is all because of money, and the potential income that can be made for higher up’s in football can come from things like sponsorship’s, viewing figures etc that this new Super League can generate.

Now many people would be excited about the creation of the new league because it would be exciting watching the best teams in Europe compete week after week against each other to see who is the best, but don’t we already have this type of competition called the UEFA Champions League?

According to Der Spiegel, several clubs – including Real Madrid and five Premier League teams – have discussed forming a 16-team European Super League that could begin as soon as 2021. As part of their plans, the clubs allegedly discussed “an option for leaving the national leagues and their football associations behind entirely”

Der Spiegel says it has seen a “binding term sheet” sent on 22 October 2018 by the firm Key Capital Partners to Real Madrid’s president, Florentino Pérez, suggesting that the La Liga club would be joined by Barcelona, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Milan and Paris Saint-Germain in the European Super League, and would not face relegation for 20 years.

According to the document a further five clubs – Atlético Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Marseille, Internazionale, and Roma – would also appear as “initial guests”.

But why would this new Super League be damaging on football in general  if it was created?

Like i have already said, this league would make a lot of money, and football in general is turning into a money cash cow, which benefits to Rich who are in these organisations, and really disadvantages the fans, and this league would cause bigger problems for fans, as the price of tickets for these big clashes weekly would be expensive, and Premier League tickets are considered expensive already, but imagine having this new Super League- it would mean that tickets would be very expensive for fans.

Also Football use to be considered as a working class sport that most working class people use to be able to afford to go and watch, however nowadays, ticket prices are so expensive now that a lot of working class people now can’t afford to go to matches nowadays, but having this super league would mean that hardly any to zero working class people would be able to afford to watch any of the games in this new league, therefore we would fully lose the working class feel to football now which would be a real shame as the working class feel of football has always been ingrained in footballing history.

One way that this new Super League would cause a  problem to domestic leagues is that removing the top teams from e.g. the Premier League would mean that it would be unfair on the remaining teams in the Premier League- especially the promoted teams, because they do all the hard work to make it to the top leagues so that they can challenge themselves against the best, and removing the best would mean that they can’t have that chance of challenging themselves against the best, and there wouldn’t be many upsets as there would be less of the bigger teams for there to be chances for the smaller teams to cause the upset- so the creation of this league would make leagues like the Premier League and La Liga less exciting, and the other domestic leagues would struggle as a result, as fewer people would watch them any more and more focus would be on this new Super League. For instance, why would people watch Getafe vs Real Betis, when Barcelona vs Chelsea is on at the same time! Another example would be why would people watch Watford vs Spurs, when Real Madrid vs Liverpool would be on at the same time!

A second major way that this new Super League would cause problems to the other domestic leagues is because it would get rid of derby’s. For example, there wouldn’t be any merseyside derby’s as Liverpool would be competing in this new Super League as they wouldn’t be in the Premier League anymore. Obviously it wouldn’t get rid of all Derby’s as there would be a few derby matches in the Super League like London derby’s between Chelsea and Arsenal and obviously the El Clásico, but this league would mean that most derby’s would be eradicated, and this would be a massive shame, as derby days are special days for football clubs and their fans.

Overall, if this Super League was ever created, then this would create multiple problems for football. The only people that this new league benefits are the Rich people and Rich owners at the head of these football organisations and football clubs. Luckily it is unlikely that this league would be created so soon as today, news came out that the Association of European Leagues has pledged its allegiance to UEFA in opposition to the creation of a European Super League for the continent’s biggest clubs which is good news in the short term.

On the Other with Football’s current state, I do see this league being created in the future, due to the fact that football is so money based…

By Danyal Khan

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