James Rodriguez and His Possible Return to Madrid.

James Rodriguez is not having the best start to the season in Germany. Since the departure of Ancelotti last year, James game has improved, he was given more opportunities and had a pretty good campaign. Now the German team has a new coach, Niko Kovac and his situation has become complicated.

James Rodriguez is the typical old number 10. His style is more leisurely and makes his teammates play. A quality like few players, and a left-footer of dreams. The leader of the Colombia team struggled, and it cost him with a position in the starting lineup. Despite playing almost every starting game, it has been replaced in all, something that the Colombian does not like.

The latest rumors that have come to light is that James Rodriguez, according to the German newspaper BILD, exploded in the dressing room, addressing his coach and saying: “We’re not at Frankfurt here.” The reason for the anger of the Colombian was not to be part of the starting lineup in the 1-1 draw against Augsburg and being left on the bench in the Champions League match against Ajax at home.

Apparently, many of the players of Bayern Munich are not happy with the new coach for his methodologies and communication. But here is where this idea was born, and what if James returns to Madrid?

James, in the 3 years he was in Madrid, caused a very important impact on the Ancelotti scheme. Goals from all sides, he was a machine. The impact that the ‘cafetalero’ provided was not only football but also on the marketing side. In his presentation as a white player, 45,000 people showed up. His first season was incredible, he converted 17 goals, won a UEFA Super Cup and one FIFA Club World Cup.

The following season, he scored only 8 goals and his numbers went down a bit. That year, Real Madrid won its eleventh Champions League, the Colombian lost a bit the prominence as Zidane had to alternate with Isco. In the end, the Frenchman opts for the malagueño. Although he had a good season.

The last season of the Colombian was for many the best and most unfair. With a substitute position in Madrid, James scored 11 goals and helped his team to conquer La Liga and the Champions number 12. He was the revulsive sub when he entered scored goals, was demonstrating the coaching staff who had lost confidence in him, the talent he had.

James could return to the club that one day said it was his dream, which he was in love with. Rodriguez would help the team a lot in what is needed: goals. The Colombian has leadership, verticality and above all charisma. Since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo because of that Madrid does not find that player who leads them and the Colombian could be that player.

Reports claim that Lopetegui tried to bring James back to this Summer Market but negotiations with Bayern didn’t materialize (Bayern has a loan to the Colombian and has a compulsory purchase option). Julen Lopetegui wants James to return and apparently James wants to come back.

It is said that James would not look badly on his return to the Spanish capital since the language and the weather has always been his preference.

Before this comes to fruition, James wants to be sure of his role in the team. He does not want his bad relationship with Zinedine Zidane to happen again but something if he has in mind, to triumph in Real Madrid, to win the title with the team he once fell in love. His future is in Mendes and his own hands.

Luis Gutierrez

Luis Gutierrez

Luis Gutierrez

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