UEFA: The Scandal Everyone Talks About

And it is a scandal. Last week, Football Leaks a website that handles reveals transfer fees, salaries, and contract information about notable footballers, released remarkable information in the world of football. Infantino allowed PSG and Manchester City to break FFP. To be clear, Infantino when working at UEFA, protected both teams to break the rules of Financial Fair Play.

According to the information and documentation, the Parisian club received 1,800 million euros fraudulently by the Qatari government that should have caused the expulsion of the team from the Champions League. Uefa rules state that clubs cannot spend more than they earn in any given season and deficits must fall within a €30 million limit over three seasons.

The investigation also includes a copy of emails sent by Infantino to City’s chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak was Nicolas Sarkozy, the former French president, and a PSG fan but who also reputedly helped City’s Abu-Dhabi owners in their attempts to get around FFP rules.

Infantino defended his actions as UEFA head, and later FIFA, in an interview with The Associated Press just days before the documents’ release.

“My job entails having discussions, having conversations, exchanging documents, drafts, ideas, whatever, on many, many, many, many, topics. Otherwise you don’t go anywhere,” he said, when asked about the upcoming release of the information. “I mean, if I just have to stay in my room and not speak to anyone and cannot do anything, how can I do my job properly? So if, then, this is being portrayed as something bad, there’s not much I can do more than my job in an honest way, in a professional way and trying to defend the interests of football.”

Manchester City, however, did not talk much about it and launched a statement. Below their statement:

“We will not be providing any comment on out of context materials purportedly hacked or stolen from City Football Group and Manchester City personnel and associated people,” the English Premier League champion said in regards to the Football Leaks reports. “The attempt to damage the club’s reputation is organized and clear”.

PSG has been the subject of another Uefa investigation ever since coming under pressure from some of Europe’s footballing elite when the French champions signed Neymar from Barcelona for a world-record €222 million in August 2017.

In conclusion, in the next few days, Infantino will have a lot of explaining to do in the matter. This can cause him to quit his position and will cause a big chaos in the world of the beautiful sport. Another chapter in this book of corruption, we will see what happens.

Luis Gutierrez

Luis Gutierrez

Luis Gutierrez

La Liga Table Writer at Sports Talk Line
Born in Panama and lives in Arkansas. Big fan of soccer, especially Real Madrid and Panama National team.

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