Tottenham’s Champions League Woes

Tottenham again have disappointed in the Champions League, following a loss against PSV Eindhoven hopes in the competition are dwindling. Halfway through the group stages, the Spurs are currently 0-2-1, therefore only having one point. The Spurs will need a tally of good results to give them a chance to progress through the group stage.

The next game in the group stage for Tottenham is a rematch against PSV Eindhoven. However, this time it’s at home for the Spurs. Not having to travel internationally will be beneficial for them, it will be like a regular game for them. This game is essentially a must-win game, PSV being the weakest team in the group Spurs need the 3 points.

Their fifth game of the group stage is a rematch with Inter Milan, again this game is at home. The advantage here then lies with Tottenham, as their injured players should be back to fitness. This game would also be classed as a must win. Currently, Inter Milan is 5 points ahead of Tottenham in the group. A win against Milan would propel Spurs in the group, as well as stumping Inter. This game resulting in a win for Tottenham would also be a momentum boost for Barcelona.

Barcelona is in the final game in the group for Tottenham, and they could not ask for a much harder game. The Spanish giants defeated Tottenham 4-2 in their first game, this result needs to be drastically different in December. The way Tottenham should approach this game should be dependent upon how the results have been leading up to the game. Tottenham plays Barcelona at the same time PSV play Inter Milan, so if Tottenham and Inter are close on points they will need a win.

This group stage is going to require some results to go Tottenham’s way, however, the race for the group stage is not over. Tottenham needs to be on their best to beat these three opponents, and if they do, the knockout stages could be around the corner.

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